Muggle bigot wisdom !?!


my sister in law was chatting to a group of her ’ gold coast friends ', they actually believed and honestly thought that all sz people were born ’ ugly '… my sister in law was dumb founded and speechless…and so am i !?!
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They must be crazy to think that…bizarre.


That’s weird. I’m good looking and nuts.


Yeah many people tell me that I am handsome - I always had no trouble attracting the opposite sex, maintaining a relationship was difficult because of my MI - life is so unfair


I did grow ‘ugly’ with the coming of my schizophrenia. I think it was because of my discomfort around people + within myself. However I wasn’t born that way.


i should add, when i was born the doctor turned round to my mother and slapped her…so maybe there is some truth to it…lol
take care


I really baffled me how many people hold very obviously stupid beliefs such as this. Sometimes I want to glue my hand to my forehead so that I don’t have to repeatedly put it there in exasperation.

Some of it is just so obvious that its incredible that “normal” people can be so ignorant.


Most of the more attractive people in my family have either Schizophrenia or MS.

Those people are nothing more than bigots as you said. I wouldn’t give them any further thought.