Muddled. Just two more days! Please hang in there

Last night was second time in row I had insomnia. Stayed up till 2 and couldn’t sleep. Mood swings continue. Scratching arm continue.

Now Alien was crowding my brain with his obsessive weird thoughts. He crowded me out “striated” “doolong cafe” I was being sucked out of my own head. Can barely think. I think the attack has passed worried can I wait two more days just two more days Earthchild!! Two!!

He’s Laughing at me.

I was thinking earlier of things like budgie clippings and rats shavings and petrol stations. Striated. Wtf is it with me??? Am I to lose it altogether??? My husband needs me… I need to drive to pdoc on Wednesday

Get there in one piece meal heal and gel glue me together forever happy again and not insane

Ha ha… Waa…

See? I’m very … Messed up at the mo


Yeah please hang in there @Hadeda
Do you have a PRN you can take until your doctors appointment?


Thanks @Wave will do. It comes and goes. Now I’m mumbling rir ror rir ror to myself can you believe it. But earlier wrote a WhatsApp for my husband in perfect English (although he dictated it)

Prn? I have two Valium left but I think if it hits hard (mostly at night) take my meds earlier as the haloperidol will help to calm me within hour


glad for your pdoc coming up.

make sure you tell him/her all that.


Can you call the pdocs office and ask if there are any cancellations today? It’s worth a shot. They might get you in earlier


Hang in there @Hadeda.

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