MTV News - Why Does George R.R. Martin Want A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Movie So Badly?

Winter is coming soon, to a theater near you!

Maybe it’s time to take this “Game of Thrones” movie idea seriously after all.

George R.R. Martin, author of “A Song of Ice and Fire” and the mad man responsible for murdering all of your favorite characters, is very much on the record about his desire to see “Game of Thrones” live past its natural lifespan as an HBO series, and wrap up with a big-budget feature film. He’s said it before, and he just said it again, during an appearance at the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival.

“If we go seven or eight seasons and then the show is still big enough that we can get the $200 million to finance a huge epic movie to end it … sure!” he said, according to Screen Daily. “But that doesn’t mean it has been approved. Some people like the idea. Other people don’t like the idea.”


I watch the Game of Thrones series and I dont think it is a good idea for a movie on the big screen - maybe an HBO grand finale movie, like for each last episode of the season. With all of the characters and different scenes, 1 hour does not do the show justice - I think each episode should be at least 2 hrs long - that would be nice

Don’t have HBO so never got to watch the series.

game of thrones is so cool, we love that show.
take care

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My hubby likes it. We download episodes commercial free :wink:

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Why does he want a movie? Simple: greed. Greed of money. There are 2 things that motivate man: fear and greed. It’s obvious to me that is what this guy wants a movie.