MTHFR abnormalities and elevated homocysteine level

Did anyone checked your homocysteine level?

Did you take a blood or salivary test for MTHFR abnormalities?

Research showed that “High levels of homocysteine have found to be a risk factor for schizophrenia.” and “a possible link between MTHFR C677T mutations, high homocysteine and schizophrenia”

This is a must read.

Psychiatric Disorders: A Messed Up MTHFR

Anyone interested you can PM me.

this is interesting, I had to read it, digest it (excuse the pun), and then re-read it. I think its saying to eat your spinach and your greens. I eat spinach and kale as much as I can, and I do feel better!

There is only one study related to this gene variant and risk of schizophrenia - hardly a proven situation. Other gene variants (e.g. COMT) have dozens of studies relating it to schizophrenia.

And this web site is a personal/company web site for this woman: Carolyn Ledowsky Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist - who is trying to sell her services.

I’m highly skeptical of any personal or company web site that has a vested interest in trying to sell you things - like tests or treatments - especially when the information / treatment is supported only by one research study.

thank you, I’ve read some of the gene study information, and there were so many genes listed that pertained to Sz, I got lost.

however, if you google for Dr Wahl’s protocol, she swears she mended her multiple sclerosis by eating like a cave person, greens, as fresh green vegetables grow brain mitochondria and mend your brain. I decided it can’t hurt, I’d give it a try, and yes I do feel better eating my spinach and kale. I put spinach in my scrambled eggs, and occassionally make even a bloody mary, put V8 juice and kale in a blender, add a shot of vodka, get my greens that way. Popeye was on the right track I think with the ‘eat your spinach’ campaign when we were kids.

Actually MRHFR is an enzyme produced by our body to covert folic acid and vitamin b12 into usable form, the process is called methylation. They also metabolize homocysteine into another substance u would find it beautiful to read about.

With a body that only produce a disfigured enzyme, the results is a long term elevated level of the intermediate products and long term deficiency of all of the subsequent products along the products line. In this article, they seemed to say that the end of the product line is neurotransmitters.

Think about the function of folic acid and vitamin b12! Imagine the benefits of them are almost removed from an organism!

In simple words, it’s about a lack of enzyme to digest protein and some vital nutrients.

right, I agree, it’s the enzyme in this article, or lack therof, which is the problem. but if you don’t have greens in your diet to start with, you’ll lack the b vitamins too

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I totally understand what u mean. But i I don’t think they are saying we have sz because we have this gene / mutation. U can have this without developing into sz. But this is one of the factor to consider if u have a severe health problem. And I think it is a good one. I dont think u would want to ignore them and let yourself know nothing if u have a psychiatric disorder.

In fact, if u have this defective enzyme, intake of huge amount of folic acid can be a problem to your body!

This is not a rear gene. They encourage everybody to check and find if they have deformed enzyme and an abnormal level of homocysteine. And then there are a few things one can do. You should have you close family member tested for these as it pass on in the family and u can take care of this enzyme abnormalities by taking in an altered form of the nutritional supplements to bypass the action of the enzyme plus some natural ways to work on your digestive enzymes.

What is beautiful about this line of effort is not only about to the inexpensive lab tests u can get to know if this is happening to your body. there is sensible solutions to get back to health again. It is working much closer on the cause (enzyme and nutrients) than the symptoms (abnormalities in the neurotransmitters).

As far as i know, they are not charging enormous price for the vitamins and u don’t need to buy a specific brand of nutrients as food are generic and not patented.

I actually chose those links mainly because they are a concise read and most of us prefer short read. I don’t mean u will learn enough about MTHFR and homoecysteine from the link or that the site are very special.

May I ask what u are so skeptical about?

OK - that is fine. I’m just generally skeptical of people who refer to 1 study and then try to sell you something based on that one study.

The methylation issue is, I’ve read in many studies, likely to be an issue in schizophrenia. We’re working on some new articles for the web site where we have a neuroscientist reviewing many different studies and coming up with some good vitamins that have some reasonable potential to help people with schizophrenia. On the list is a group of B-vitamins. So - another approach is simply to go to the local drug store and buy some B-vitamin complex vitamins (something that covers most of the B-vitamins) and try that for a month or two to see if it helps. And - ideally the suggestions of high B-vitamin foods is also a very good idea as food is the best way to get vitamins.

MTHFR made me think “■■■■■■■■■■■■” lol

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Me too actually :smile:

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Oh it actually make me makes feel I’m in a science fiction!

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Thanks everybody for responding. I actually value discussion.

i thought it said muther ■■■■■■ too honestly when i first looked at it…

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