MS starting to go away

Ok some happy news after a very tough month, my MS relapse is slowly going away.
Happy I can just walk for a bit. Standing can be a pain. But there I just had to get that out of my system, since I usually try to hide my complaints in person.

The stress of it nearly gave me a sz relapse. But I was able to stay out of hospital. This is progress. :blush:

You know I wonder if they’re related some way. They don’t know the real cause of either and just try to treat the symptoms but you get relapses anyway.

O well that’s just how it goes. You get used to it. :wink:


I’m glad you’re bad @katwomansz :smile:

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i didn’t know you had ms, sounds terrible :frowning: but i’m glad you are coping with it ok, its much better if you can try and cope no matter how bad things get x

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Good to hear your MS is going away, even if slowly.
Your pretty strong to get through all this, and have a very positive attitude too, I admire women like you!

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I think we all are strong to get through this crap called sz.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger?
I try to figure out these strange sayings that are thrown around.

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I am glad that you are feeling better @katwomansz.

Keep on moving forward.

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