Mrs sith assassination attempt!

so mrs. sith went out the back to burn the rubbish, we have no rubbish pick up ’ out here ', so we light an apocalyptic inferno every month !
so all is going well the flames are trying to touch the sky, the fire is ’ going off '.
then there is a deafening " BANG", “BANG”, " BANG"!
mrs sith is neally hit by flying metal !?!
mrs sith sheepishly looks at me, as i race out the door of the house into the back paddock.
she says " she might have put some aerosol cans ’ accidently ’ in the fire bin!"
i say, " i think not, the jedi just tried to assassinate you ".
all you can hear is the fire crackling, and the slight hum of dark sith’s lightsaber at the ready…
take care


Whats going on with you today? first the neighbors snake and ricocheting shotguns, now exploding aerosol cans?

perhaps Darth Vader has returned? :smiley:

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Oh my goodness, how scary!

I remember being a kid in the mountains of Tennessee, where we had no trash dump and had to burn our trash. A few times I was almost impaled by flying aerosol hairspray cans!

And some would shoot like 15 into the air!

Be careful and use your light saber to protect Mrs Sith!




You make me laugh my ass off @darksith


LMAO :smile:

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yup…My neighbor had a leaf fire and he had a bunch of spray paint cans sitting around these old junk cars… At least 15’ in the air and different colors too…Looked like 4th of July and sounded like a war zone…

that’s what happens when someone dumps a bucket of wood stove ash without making sure its all out!


It sounds like you both made it through this unharmed. I’m glad :smile:

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no need to worry about them sith.

order 66 was executed long ago.

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I keep thinking she would never try and assassinate you… It was all a Jedi mind trick that made her throw the cans in the fire.

But you both thwarted those Jedi’s and now they have to find a different weakness…

Those Jedi’s

Glad you guys didn’t get hurt. Have a good day

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