Mr Thoughtless/childish hebephrenic/psychomotor agitation

The hebephrenic side of me is named Mr Thoughtless. He is a childish hebephrenic who talks with neologisms, made up words, makes me shout, cry, jump, run, makes me do silly gestures and grimaces.

I realize that I need to release the energy I have, the anxiety.

I take 2 tranquilizers, plus a benzo as needed, plus the antipsychotics, and still have raw energy and anxiety

(live albums make me feel closer to the band.
I hear them talking, improvising, warming up etc)

Live in Leipzig
Live in Sarpsborg
Live in Zeitz
Live in Jessheim

Do you have DID

No. I don’t lose time.
It’s delusion of control.

My hebephrenic side is symbolized by Mr Thoughtless

I really have a part of myself that is disorganized

Disorganized speech, disorganized behaviour, psychomotor agitation, retardation etc

I turn my head to the right and I shout “gagagan”.
I turn my head to the left and i shout “gagagan”

I slap my forehead repeatedly

Mr Thoughtless is old guy with hebephrenia.
Thats why I call him Mr.

Slap the door. Bad door.

Knock her up. Knock her out.
Procrastinate. It’s too late anyway

Mr Thoughtless talks gibberish

Should I call my psychiatrist?
I sent him a message yesterday on his smartphone. I don’t know if he sawwww it

Well, well, well, my Michelle

My earnings, my earings, my ear off my head.
The skull is naked

I talk with passion.
My God never gets old