Mr crowley is back

Im back been off the forum for a while anything new and interesting happen whilst I was gone?

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Welcome back dude !!!

Hi Wallafish how you Im just counting the days to payday

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Getting a fire stick on black friday

Yea man pay day is soon…

Where have u been? What u been up to ?

Whats a fire stick

Welcome back @MisterCrowley. Good to see you around again.

3 south africans here :heart_eyes:

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I’ve been working lots of overtime to make bank and then handing over all my money to absa to pay the bond sooner. Applying for a new position as Quality Specialist


Hey welcome back! It’s great to hear from you again!

Also just a reminder not to discuss illegal activities on a publicly searchable forum.

yeah, no robbing banks :rofl:

Its a device for streaming movies from subscription sites like Netflix and Amazon on a Smart TV

I have a fire stick. welcome back.

Welcome back!


You know you could just get an app for that …

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