Moving up in my life

So back in 2012 I finished going to tech school for Automotive Technology. I was top of my class, got fully certified as a technician, and intended to start my career.

Then, life happened. I had a psychotic break, then a stroke, and my dreams of working on cars for a living were shattered. I languished for years, focusing on furthering my personal life instead of my professional life.

So fast forward to today. I still have significant limitations in my right hand due to the stroke, and likely always will. But I’ve decided to quit moping, and see what I can do about it. I was licensed to perform safety and emissions inspections in Pennsylvania, but those licenses expired. Had I been in the industry, I would’ve recertified and kept going, but because I was out of it, I let them lapse. But today, I enrolled in the classes to get my licenses back. Both safety and emissions, plus cat 4 enhanced safety inspections for special vehicles like antique and custom cars.

I also contacted a small business lawyer to see about getting a loan, though I’m not sure how that’ll pan out. I might have to resort to crowdfunding to finance the garage, but we’ll see how things go.I figure if I can stay afloat for a couple months, and get my name out there, I’ll be okay. Inspections are easy money, and if I do a good job and don’t screw with people, word of mouth should get me some more business. Though of course I would want to advertise too.

So yeah, things are starting to look up for me! Keep your fingers crossed that I can get the loan despite my nonexistent credit, and let’s see where this venture takes me!


Good for you @RowanAmethyst!
Inspiring to hear you moving forward and I wish you the best of luck getting that loan.
You sound like your going to be alright regardless of the loan, but I hope they see your a good canadate for the loan based on your preserverance despite setbacks.
My fingers are crossed for you, keep us posted.
Here’s to your good luck.


Best of luck! It’s good you have the strenght to try and do something, that’s inspiring!

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I can honestly say that my meds are a huge contributor to my ability to move forward. I recently had my antidepressants upped, and it’s like a fog has lifted. I still sleep a lot, but that is looking like a thyroid problem rather than depression. And my AP meds are doing wonders to keep me going too, they keep me from obsessing and becoming paranoid, which would be unhelpful traits for a business owner to have, to say the least. Not to mention hallucinating would make it rather unsafe to be working with heavy equipment. I’m still forgetful, and a bit scattered, but I can focus better than I could before.


The costume design… the musical ability… the art design… now the ability to work on cars too…

Are there no end to your talents… (I say that with honest admiration)

I bet you’ll get the licenses back in no time.

Congratulations on that. Having a plan is sometimes the hardest part for me… I get side tracked so easily.


And I’m writing a book, too! I don’t feel like I’m particularly talented, though, I just do a lot of different stuff moderately well.

Oh, also, I’ve been asked to assist with costuming on an independent movie later this year, dunno if I’ll have the time to do that though, since it’s a non-paying gig.


It’s a great way to get your foot in the door. Movie credit and a more people seeing your work.

I hope you get to use that opportunity.


I used to call myself a jack of all trades, but I have an idea that you are a Jack in a higher game than mine. I’m following your posts.

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Curious - what do you take that helps with these two things?

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For me, Abilify does the job. I had been on Risperdal, but there were too many nasty side effects so I switched. It doesn’t completely get rid of it all, I’m still kinda messed up, but it lets me tell the difference between reality and what’s in my head a lot better. Risperdal pretty much completely took care of my symptoms, but it also fogged me up really badly. I’d rather be a little paranoid but clear-headed rather than symptom free but foggy.

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