Moving sale. ................?

i’m moving this month it bites. way to much too do.


oh no !! sorry you have to move @TheGreatestDrZen

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Yes, moving can be stressful. Sorry @TheGreatestDrZen.


Where are u moving to… @TheGreatestDrZen…!!!

I moved overseas once years ago. Took a suitcase limited to 40 kg’s or so…can’t really remember but just had a suitcase and a carryon full of six months of schizophrenic medications.

I used to collect a lot. Books, Cd’s, Records. After I got back with my suitcase again after two years away I decided to de-clutter. Less of everything and more digital you can carry with you. I don’t do that to not move…I do it because one day I might move again!

That shite is whack @TheGreatestDrZen and wish you well with your struggles!


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