Moving back upstairs

After a year…I’m finally being made to sleep back in our room…I hope it goes good my gf is hopeful…I think its a good thing…


Yay! You can do it!

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Lol ty I should be OK Im pretty stable on these meds…

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Hope so. Let us know how it goes.

This is a really big step. Have you tried it yet? How did it go?

I sleep outside the bedroom on the couch. I’m afraid of the bedroom. I’m interested to know how you went sleeping back in the bedroom.

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Slept fine got a little warm up there but it went fine…so did d&d…or savage world whatever…


That’s great! Will you do it again tonight?

:slight_smile: Good! Glad you were able to overcome that.

I cheated…I used my valuims to go to bed…but tonight I will try without my meds helping…


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