Movies based on books, but that are very different from the book


I was just thinking about the classic sci-fi movie, Blade Runner.

It’s based on Philip K Dick’s book, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” (Which is one of my favorite books.)

But the movie and book are very different from each other. They’re sort of like separate masterpieces, but joined by a common thread.

Do you like any movies that were made from a book, but are very different from the book?

Or do you like any great books that are very different from the movie?


How to train your dragon


the shining by kubrick wasn’t liked by Stephen King but I love the movie…much more prefer the book…horrifying !!


David Lynch’s “Dune”.




@MrSquirrel, LOL. Yeah that was an adaptation of a book that was rather, ummm interesting?

@jukebox The Shining is a great example! That’s definitely a great masterpiece of cinema and storytelling, great book too!


@Montezuma yeah a great book and movie. Both classics but their differences really do make them unique. I love the book. It’s musings on the religious journey of Decker make it such a wow of a read. The differences in the movie are striking but it really is a good movie as well. Classic Sci Fi and really well done.

You have some good taste sir! My pic would be Hearts of Darkness and Apocolypse Now. Truly inspired bit of movie making to take it out of the darkness of Africa to the Jungles of Vietnam. It too is remarkable for it’s differences but the works both stand up on their own and are classics in their genre!


Thank you mate! :blush: You have good taste too.

I didn’t even think of Apocalypse Now :open_mouth: ! Another great example!

Conrad’s book is a classic, as is Coppola’s film. Did you ever see the documentary behind the making of Apocalypse Now? I think it’s titled Heart of Darkness. It’s also a great flick!


Yeah mate…amazing documentary too so it was a triple threat in your list!

Philip K Dick was an amazing sci fi author and much copied in film. Great thread!


13th Warrior was Eater’s of the Dead by Michael Crichton. I really liked the movie.


I really don’t read enough books to answer this topic. I mostly read Stephen King, and the tv/movie adaptations seem like they don’t vary much from the books.


The Dark Tower was very different from the books, kind of an amalgamation of all the books in the series. I liked both.


I really wanted to see that, I shouldn’t have let the bad rotten tomatoes score dissuade me


You beat me to it buddy! I mean I have a special place in my heart for the movie but deep down know it’s trash


The revenant was vastly different from the movie. I loved both though.


The beach is a really great movie, but the book is way darker and more terrifying. Especially the endings


I just found out Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the devil in the new Good Omens adaptation.


I own a copy of the book the Revenant. I always meant to read it.


I read the Dark Tower books when I was about 12 years old. I recall really enjoying them. :slight_smile: Never saw the movie though.


In the book The Borne Identity, Jason Borne seems much more human to me than in the movie. I love the movie, but I love the book even more


Yes, another good example. I forgot who wrote the books. But I recall the books being written quite some time ago, long before they adapted them into movies.

I think they had to update some of the new technology for the movies.