Movie you watched recently

I watched ‘Argo’, but I noticed that this was a flawed movie, when an Iranian officer checked the background of one movie crew member, a CIA agent, this officer called to a telephone located in Hollywood, as far as I know Canada and the USA have different country codes. Movie was quite good otherwise.

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Oldboy(15 character)

such a good film

Repo Man. old eighties film…feel good film…punk soundtrack (I own it). getting ready to watch Dreamcatcher, and then district 9. I love alien movies even though I don’t believe in aliens.

A rated movie.

nightcrawler was the last film i watched, its was good but dont know what to make of the main character, theres a line he says at the end which ‘justifies’ his actions, but idk.

will watch john wick next, but not till after next week

The Elephant Man


The Babadook. Very good horror movie. I’m a horror movie fan, and psychological thrillers are my favorite so this one was perfect. Would recommend to other scary movie fans.

Also saw Sinister. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it bad but it was highly cliched. One of those movies where I could predict everything that was going to happen and wasn’t really impressed.

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The Piano Teacher, Michael Haneke.

Oh, and Little Mermaid.

I watched the 3 hobbit movies recently. I didnt like them. Wouldnt recomend. Next movie I want to watch is Nightcrawler. Its meant to be good

Thee Onli 2 Myuvie’s I’ve Sheen Are These ,

Radiohead - Pyramid Song

Radiohead - Bangers n Mash (part 2)

(PS) - e(Y)e Heart Choo !!!

Dune - “He who controls the spice controls the universe!” Really want to score some spice melange :wink:

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this was awesome, i watched it on Saturday night :ok_hand:

A Scanner Darkly

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This was the last Movie I saw, months ago - Powerful Movie on Alcoholism