Movie I liked--Mr Rogers

I saw the movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” It is about Mr Fred Rogers who had a children’s show in the USA for many years. Mr Rogers is portrayed as the most kind, loving person imaginable. It is possible that the depiction of Mr Rogers is somewhat accurate because he was a very kind man. The story is about how he improves the life of a man with a lot of problems.
The movie has many kind comments and insights about life. It is a very positive film.
The viewer reviews give it an average of 4.6 on a 5 point scale.


I want to see this film, but for some reason I sort of forgot about it’s release!

Does it have Tom Hanks in it? Did you see it in the theater?

Yes, it stars Tom Hanks as Mr Rogers. It came out a few weeks ago. It is in the theaters.

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I want to see this movie so badly. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Mrs. Squirrel wants me to watch it with her, but it lacks car chases.


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