Moved up on the waitlist for the class I wanna take

From #2 to #1 :slight_smile:

Yay I’m #1!!!

Looking like a good chance I’ll be able to join the class since it only took a couple days to go from 2 to 1


Is it a hard class? Are people dropping out or they making more room?

Dropping out

I wouldn’t say “hard” but it sounds like you gotta put your best effort forth , be sober and committed, including there’s an internship involved

I wanna be a therapist for a prison, alternate incarceration or sober house so it’s important to know about

I will take my old course next year which is “health for all of us” along with “the art of helping others” and “abnormal psychology”

And I’ll take “the art of counseling” in the summer if it’s offered again

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sounds very interesting! Oh how I wish I could read still. I can it just takes me forever - I got through the first paragraph in 5m. I used to read that in seconds.

I hate the cognitive issues I now have more than sz.

I’ve been training my brain to read for a while. Sorry you experience this I used to be the same way. Even though it’s full time rather than part time, it’s during the week, the other one Saturday and Sunday which will be better for me.

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@mjgh06 it gets better, are you on Ability? that’s worked best for me.

Thanks Mindjam. No I am on no meds currently. I was overdosed on risperidone and then polydrugged which well long story short - I am a mess because of the meds and my new pdoc has me on no meds for those reasons.

@mjgh06 I c, that’s probably good to see if you have real sz sit not. Hope it clears up.

Awesome news man hopefully you get in soon

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