Moved to a new state, the process to get my benifits is so tedious

So I look up if theres anything I can do online, nope. I’m dual enrolled so I have to contact medicaid, but medicaid is a cluster truck here. You can’t do anything over the phone, so you go to their office…I find out boom I need to call the state medcaid that I’m leaving to cancel my application there to begin an application in the state I’m already in.

I feel like this is set up to be as tedious and annoying as possible.

Are you in Wisconsin? Lol ours isn’t as bad, but everything got mucked up back in early 2000’s. They tried to make only like 4 consortiums for the state, which, since the middle and northern part of the state are kinda rural, made it harder for those. Yeah I’m south central WI, and our building is in my town, but we had to apply when we moved back in 2014 and it was a mess. We only needed it for a few months till John got the DOC job, but the kids needed medical. He and I didn’t qualify, but the kids got CHIPS while they had it. We no longer have that program. Yay for John having benefits thru his job, and then I get Medicare so that helps.

I’m gonna suggest you keep photocopies or scans of your paperwork you turn in, and if you are applying online, print your input on the application, incase they get pissy and claim something is wrong or whatever. CYA and all that.

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Social security is anything but user friendly and I live in Australia. It really does suck the world over but it’s important to follow what they tell you. I know it’s frustrating but government departments aren’t forgiving or kind. Hang in there and do what you need to do. You’ll get there.

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