Mouth speaking on its own

Sometimes I start talking nonsense without any control. I am aware of what I say but my mouth and vocal cords literally move on their own forcing me to say some pretty nasty things. Sometimes I growl or laugh too. Does anyone else experience this? What on earth is happening to me?

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I personally don’t have this, but I’ve heard of it before on this forum.


maybe you have some kind of tourettes or are on some kind of spectrum?

I suspect it is a government machine controlling me to frame me.

Yes, I have it too

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it’s forced speech

I got in the beginning

it was my first time realizing I needed meds

they took it away

sorry, I know that’s scary. I used to only get it right when waking up in my bed

so happy to wake up with it gone, all I could do was smile.

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Do you remember which med took it away for you?

I had it during my last episode

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I think I started on Risperdal, a low dose, since I had to get used to it, it didn’t take much

but for some reason I recall trying all different types of AP’s some that were so bad,

I couldn’t drive a car or get out of bed. This was so long ago, maybe I should have kept a journal.

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