Mourning a dead friend

My good friend died last year on Christmas day. He was in one of those places you go to recover from a life problem, but you don’t recover. I forget what they are called. He had lost almost half his body weight. He died of unknown causes and had refused to get diagnosed. He was a roommate my first year in college and a lifelong friend of my family, esp my mother. He graduated summa cum laude from Harvard and taught essay writing there later on in his life. He had two books published. He suffered from alcoholism and was some forty years or so in AA. He also had Bipolar disease. He was gay and had been a friend to Andy Warhol and to Joe Dalasandro. Also to Gore Vidal. Whenever I thought of him, it made me laugh. That’s the way he was-serious but not serious. I’m posting to acknowledge him and pay him homage because I missed his funeral.


I’m sorry for your loss. It sounds like he was indeed a special person.

wow, you must miss your friend. I’m sorry. I miss some of my dear friends that have passed away long ago.

i am sorry for your loss… :heart:
but your friend certainly packed in a lot of ’ life’ into his world :earth_americas:
he would have been a really interesting person to know. :books:
take care :alien:

Sorry for your loss.

I’m sorry to hear that. It’s good that you are letting yourself mourn the loss- that is much better than any other behavior- I just learned about that in school.

Sorry for your loss may he rest in Peace

It must be difficult to lose a friend. I’m sorry for your loss.

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