Mountains of satanic adversity

U can speak to them and tell them to get out of ur life this worked for me I was hearing one person’s statements in dialogue between two people and it stopped when the mountains were removed… it is interesting to note that the People I was hearing weren’t anywhere around

One of them sounded like a neighbor from a few houses down where I used to live once upon a time

The symptoms began to show up before I understood why

@Otue, why have you made a new account?

Mountains of satanic adversity would be sin sickness fear doubt worry lack confusion to name a few

I was accused by well meaning people who were ignorant of the Bible even though the enemy is known as the accuser

I like the bucket list rv idea it’s past time for my bucket list preparations

Bout seven of those mountains i can see.

Take awhile to get rid of those seven things.

I just built a tunnel and went under them, still waiting for them to be gone.

Think all the good stuff has been successfully stolen. The moles returned to claim their earth.
Happy days are near again, so far from where I stand.

I am somewhat amused by the fact that admins can ban someone for only 2 thousand years into the future. @Otue is banned until the year 2290.
Ban forever? No! Forever is too long, we must assume that should an immortality drug be found and they took it for over two thousand consecutive years, they might have changed for the better enough to follow forum rules. lol

That made me laugh. Now, I must go think of a reason to cancel work because I don’t have enough money to get to the next town over where I’m scheduled to work and I only work for one hour and it takes me one hour just to get out there. I would tell them the truth but they’d think it’s ridiculous that I’m that poor I can’t afford the five dollars i need to add in gas. Although they shouldn’t, since they know exactly how little they pay me. :expressionless: