Mountain out of a mole

Well I think I am alright

Most of the time I think as a normal person

But it’s just that at some times during the day I get stuck with a particular thought and I have trouble thinking and also could get a bit of ocd

But I think that’s not a big deal

Do I really have sz I doubt?

Am I making a mountain out of a mole?

My SZ is well-managed and I do fine from day-to-day. How I know I still have SZ is that every time I go off my meds I lose my insight, eventually stop doing well, and have a bad relapse. If you’re doing okay on meds, that’s a good thing. This is the goal of the treatment.


One common sz feature is that we often get lost or trapped in our own thoughts. Like introverts or even more. Most of us are isolated and this fact worsens the situation.

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Ya u r right

Maybe I have sz

I m on meds

Maybe to stay on it is the right thing to do

Well I get lost in thoughts is bcoz I have no work to do

But I don’t think I am an introvert I am a bit of both

It’s that I get stuck at a thought or some negative thoughts and then that is hard to overcome

Delgado thought no person should be allowed their own mind,

but it must be controlled. unfortunately if gov took heed,
they use it for opposite reasons,
to create assassins.

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Well what does it have to do with the subject of the thread

having thoughts you don’t like, that bother you.

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Btw @Andrey how r u doing been a while

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