Motor skills, cognition, and work performance of people with severe mental illness


but you can improve your cognition and all of that by practice doing that

I don’t think so viper. Sounds like one of those baseless YouTube videos that there seem to be a lot of. I hate all that crap.

brain is adaptive and can adapt to vorious enviroments doing vorious tasks

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dont think you are burden … what about the great achivers who have schizophrenia


ofcourser if you do nothing you will achive nothing you have to go out your comfort zone… organise yourself

I dont have schizophrenia. I just think you are talking about that modern toxic self improvement crap that you get on youtube.

yes all self improvement is crap. better not improve :smiley:

you are just low intelligence then

I’m not talking about getting good at something, I am talking about these self proclaimed youtube artists that tell you how you can make yourself more intelligent or change your personality by watching a couple of 5 minute videos.

anyway i am not reading crap… if you read or watch crap on youtube this is your problem.
good luck

You just keep believing you can make yourself smarter then.