Never forget that you have a ultimate life purpose brothers and sisters. I’m doing my best to find my purpose. I think for me it’s trying to contribute to society in some way. I’m trying to start a Buisness but it’s frustrating to start one in the early stages. Have a great day everyone.


Good luck with your business @Lightyourlamp .

I’ve often wondered if I have a purpose.

Good luck with everything @Lightyourlamp

Good luck!

My purpose is to save the beauty in this moment for the ones that follow.



My purpose is to share with others with mental illness so they find hope

Only problem is I’m stuck in it so I can’t share much hope, only the message to others that they’re not alone in this


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Good luck with your business!

I don’t know my purpose yet.

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Good luck :four_leaf_clover: 15 characters

Good luck!!! 1515