Motivational idea for cleaning the house

I am currently listening to Oliver Sacks ‘Awakenings’ audiobook. He says in it that when Parkinson’s patients have difficultly moving, often being give an external verbal command to move or an external cue to move such as lines on the floor etc they can often move fairly easily.

So my idea is to use a text to speech app that creates an mp3 with commands such as ‘that’s it, keep going, keep cleaning the kitchen, well done, keep moving, well done for cleaning’. The audio would be on a loop with a 10 or 15 second pause at the end, where upon it would automatically play again and keep looping like that. Play it on a smartphone as you do the cleaning tasks.

What do you think?


I think it would be annoying. But you could use a list and have short audio commands to yourself to do different tasks that you struggle with. I found the prompting from lists I could see constantly helped a lot because they became multiple prompts throughout the day.

Maybe, but might take very little effort to create the mp3 so just might be worth a try. Maybe.

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