I always tell myself that what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger. This in mind, I made a 3.5 and stayed in school during my first year of schizophrenia, and I was unmedicted.

What do you tell yourself to stay strong during hard times? Obviously we have all survived schizophrenia, so I am curious as to how other people with schizophrenia stay strong.

i used to believe in the voices, that they were real people telepathically communicating with me and would believe everything they said which made me a total wreck. then one day, whilst in hospital, one of the other patients said to me. “how likely is this to b tru? that it’s all real and everyone is against u?” the bubble burst like a big zit and apart from one other time i fell for it, i’ve not believed in it since. what was interesting is that as soon as i stopped believing the were real, the voices of friends, family and strangers all but disappeared. now all i’m left with is famous people both living and dead and i don’t believe half of those either. it doesn’t stop the two main ones but i don’t really hear patrick swayze’s voice anymore, or laurel and hardy. elvis put in an appearence now and again as do british dead actors but apart from that it’s mainly mel gibson and mel b but because i don’t believe they’re real telapaths that keeps me strong. i think that u adapt as new voices crop up. sometimes it take a few weeks to get used to them but u do adapt eventually. then they become normal to u and so not so debilitating…whoever they sound like or claim to b.

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i have honestly never thought about it, i think i just struggle through the daze , which is life, and some how manage to come out the other side reluctantly most of the time !


I feel I have too much at stake right now. I like how life is and I don’t want to go back to sitting in my head being confused by a spoon.

I ask for help, but I keep getting up. Plus the greenhouses are starting to gear up and that always cheers me up. New plans and new plants for spring.

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Its kinda weird… Weird because its neutral. But it seems to work… I tell myself: “Here I go.”

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