Motivation to exercise

I have been overweight since I quit Olanzapine about five years ago.

I want to lose weight as I am sure others do too.

Please can you post your regimen and how you keep going with it?

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For me it’s so important to have an amazing body. I think that’s one of the few good things I still have and I don’t want to loose. So this is my motivation.


I used to be really slim but when I got put on Olanzapine I put on 35 kilos. I want to be attractive again and be a normal weight. I have lost 10 kilos but need to do more


I’m 59 kg (130 lbs) and 7’7 height.

What worked for me: activity

Spend all day outside doing anything, walking, shopping, whatever, bring little money so you are bound to survive only off water and fruit and cheap stuff, also you’ll learn social skills, meet people, getting stuff when you need something, convince people…BOOM you’ve gained some important life skills.

38 lbs in 7 months, just that I ate so much fast food during that time but still dropped a lot of weight, so you see activity is essential

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Lately i feel useless.

And its hard to find motivation to excersize when u feel useless

Exercise whats that? 15151515


Would you be able to attend a gym? If the answer is yes. Sign up for a few month membership. Ask if they do fitness assessment before you start.

General fitness assessments are free of charge for new members (in most gyms) unless you specify that you need a personal training.

Once you familiarize with machinery and free weights, start slowly, and only increase weight overtime so that your muscle, connective tissues, and joints can acclimate to load properly. Don’t injure yourself or you can be out for good. Fitness instructor can help you out to start on the right track.

To lose weight you still going to need a negative energy balance, so that your body can start burning that excess fat.

Walking is good, but I’d rather focus that energy and time that you have attending the gym instead.

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I am motivated to do walking because it helps my mental health
If I don’t do it I’m more anxious
I like walking as it leaves you rested in the afternoon


exercise is just something I force myself to do. I get more enjoyment out of lifting weights than I do cardio. right now I wake up and stretch my legs for an hour, I find the stretching is a good way to start the day. then I drive into town and jog for 20 minutes. im shopping for a treadmill, so I can run at home and in the winter. and then I do some pushups in the evening.

like I said, I enjoy lifting weights more than running, because I begin to notice my strength gains and see more muscle definition in the mirror. but at the moment im trying to lose a little weight, just my belly, so im doing jogging instead of lifting for a year.

exercise sucks and is hard to do, but with the increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, it’s something you should push yourself to do. best wishes.


Pain is my motivation to keep exercising. If I don’t practice yoga regularly, my arthritis pain becomes so unbearable that I become an invalid.

Find something you enjoy. Exercise should not feel like work.


Im going to start walking again tomorrow on a 5% incline at the gym at speed 5…the plan


I also enjoy morning walks I listening to the birds and the animals waking. Plus it’s still hot here so to avoid another heat stroke my doctor wants me to in morning.


Food food food control your kitchen it’s the hardest part of loosing weight

You can exercise a lot and if you not eat as required you will not loose weight


I’ve been losing a lot of weight drinking a protein shake as a meal, with 400 calories for snacks. 1000 calories a day.
I’ve been exercising 2 months. Either yoga or elliptical, with stretching, situps and leg lifts daily. I just do it. My mood might not be perfect (anhedonia) but the sleepiness from meds has worn off so I’m good to go.


Thanks for the replies everyone. If there are any others who want to share that would be good too.


I take my peer coach clients to the gym and sometimes I just jog around the yard. My motivation is that I want to look good when I go out for future dates or just when hanging with friends.


Buy a cheap fitness tracker. Best thing I did for my exercise was buy a decent fitness tracker. Just tried to do 10km’s or 10,000 steps a day. To do that I get out early and do it before anyone gets up. It really helped and gives you a good guide to your progress. Worked for me.


You’re joking … You mean 5’7, right ?