Motivation through Wearable Computing - It Has Begun

Years ago, when I saw people posting about avolition, I posted under the old forums (under the name AberrantSalience) about “combatting avolition with computing.” That post is still the number 1 hit on Google for the words combatting avolition.

Now, the next step that I predicted in that post has apparently become a reality, in the form of an app call FitRPG:

It has begun. My next prediction is that the Smart Glasses wave of new technology, including this type of application applied to Smart Glasses, will be the biggest opportunity for the masses in recorded history. Bigger than the printing press, bigger than PC’s, bigger than the internet, bigger than cell phones, and bigger than smart phones.

Now, if I can just capitalize on that opportunity… I’ve already started programming myself with my smart glasses that I bought and developed an application for in 2014. If I can just program myself to capitalize on this big, upcoming opportunity, I may have it made.

I hope that some other good people here are able to capitalize also, by making themselves some honest money in this field.

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i hope it works out for you, best of luck.
take care

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