Mothers Day Regret

Decided not to go to Mother’s Day lunch.
Too afraid of people. I wish things were different.
I do love her.
Haven’t seen her in a year.


That must be hard.

Have you called her and spoken to her?


No - only a few text.

I don’t want to talk to her - I have nothing good to say. About my life.


I think I need help from my therapist.

I read the title about regret over a day.

Then just thought how much I will regret when she is gone.


Call her and ask how she is doing. When she asks how you are doing, just tell her the truth.


The truth is awful. Thanks @Pat6398

It’s the reason I don’t talk to anyone.
Sorry for a bummer topic about my own issues.
I guess I can text her something but I don’t want her to text back.

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If there is one person in the world who is best able listen to your truth, it has to be your mother.

Seriously, give her a call.


Never spoke to her about my SZ. Only my husband and sister knows.

Think it will keep spreading the word out about my illness.

But you’re right - like I’m kind of sad if I don’t ever talk to her.

I will text her - and be okay with her texting back and forth for a bit.

Thanks @Pat6398 I needed to hear what you said.


@Kxev, that’s good, I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.


Think you are right. She should know me and who I am.


Yes. I’m assuming you have a good mom. That said, your mom loves you and wants to know what’s going on in your life. It’s much harder to not see your child and to not know how they are than it is to hear your kid suffers. She may want to help you and comfort you. She’s probably really sad she doesn’t see you more.

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I hear ya. I texted my mother via instagram DM on mothers day, and I havent even looked to see if she responded.
Its hard to care sometimes.

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