Mother wore the pants in the family

Dad taught me I was inferior due to his genes in my makeup. So, I never had children. I just hope to live out my life with minimal stress and to be able to call it good.

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My moms side is very matriarchal.
My grandma was a business woman. Same with my mom and her sisters.

Are you glad not to have children? I am very glad not to have children.

Yes, I am glad not to have children.

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I am hoping to live out life in peace. Too.
It’s hard though with so much division in the US and world.
But gonna try my best to stay out of it. But I know its gonna affect me.

Hope you don’t believe you are inferior.

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I’m inferior in some ways, but not in all ways.

Yes, but who wore the codpiece?

I didn’t know how ancient you are.

I had to wait 71 million years for someone to invent the Internet.

That stupid meteorite set us back at least 60 million years, too.

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