Mother Moon

Did you ever think of the moon as your mother. Always there but impossible to reach.

She’s a wonderful mother to us


You sound like the type that loves to gaze at a full moon.

All phases of the moon.what does it mean to gaze at the moon?

It’s emotional staring with love is the best I can describe it.


I was born at night. I love mother moon

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So was my sister. I was different - born early in the morning.

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I was born 1020 pm. Staring at moons at night changed my life

How did it change your life?

Connection to nature and the stars made me realize how small we are compared to the whole universe. But that’s the stars not the moon. I used to sit out in a field with my friend staring st the stars and moon. It gave me great revelation when I was 23

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I’m told getting back to nature is healthy. So you found that to be true. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve often said my Mom is the Sun, and my Dad is the Moon.

They’ve always been there with me…my two rocks in this complex Universe.


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