Mother is on seroquel - need advice

Doc just recently switched my mom (70s) to seroquel, and after 3 weeks she still has terrible time sleeping and is restless not to mention memory-challenged. I hate to see her go thru this over and over again without any real relief! Can anyone advise on what’s worked for them or a loved one? All comments greatly appreciated.


People have discussed their different medications a lot in the past - I recommend you check some of the discussions out: See below some of them (but look through the entire medictions list is the best solution:

Is it Seroquel depot or Quetiapine? I have Quetiapine 300 mg every night and I sleep well. Seroquel depot can make you tired during daytime because it’s a slow release med releasing little med during the day and Quetiapine releases it all at once. It makes me sleepy in 45 minutes.

Maybe talk to her doctor about adding Trazodone at a low dose for sleep. I have read that it also helps with restless leg syndrome so it may help with the restlessness too.

strong text I have been on Seroquel since 1997 and I am as stable as I ever have been. I have no problem with the medication however meds work different for each patient. My advice to you is to let your mom’s dr aware of the problem so he can look into other medications.