Moth drawing

Here is something a little less dark. Moth drawing for a friend.


Fantastic! Love it. You could be a nature artist. How did you do this? Is that with pen and ink, or brush?

Neither, it was done with colored pencil. Thank you for the kind words, I am glad you liked it.

wow, that’s lovely, I like it a lot

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Really really good stuff i think.

Cool, I really like that…looks almost real…
and sync…I had just now got done watching an Anime and there were a bunch of butterflies like that in it. Then I came here and spotted your drawing…

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My fiancée wants me to start watching that. We finished death note and we watch Naruto every week.

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I also think XxxHolic shows how someone can see things other people can’t see and is accepted for it… he sees spirits. But even though I’m not into the witch thing, there is still a message there that some people have the ability to see things others don’t, and to work with them or around them…

thumbs up for you

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