Motability eligibility uk

i did the mock test for pip in the uk and i scored for enhanced rate on both counts :slight_smile:

so does that make me eligible for motability @firemonkey or anyone else who might know.

I doubt you will get enhanced mobility

i scored well on both counts and i was being honest

@asgoodasitgets you have schizophrenia and are symptom free. You can’t expect the same rate as a disturbed deaf blind person

Enhanced for mobility would definitely make you eligible for motability. Are you saying you can’t follow a familiar route without another person etc or are you basing it on moving around?

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my mum should be eligible just now her sight is so bad but it would be ironic if i got it before her,

they say she isnt bad enough but she might end up having an accident and then it would be too late :frowning:

i scored 20 for mobility and 17 for care lol, it was because i need my friend with me almost all the time to help out and take me places, i took the test on the website

(sorry i made a mistake with the website but it is correct now)

yes, basically i need my friend with me almost all the times or i panic and i cant walk very far either

@firemonkey maybe you would be eligible

From what you have posted here in the past I would suggest 20 for mobility is an exaggeration. I could see you qualifying for standard rate mobility. To get 20 points you would have to fit 1F and 2 C/1D/E and 2D/1C and 2E. Nothing you have posted here suggests you meet those criteria.

I would meet criteria for standard rate mobility according to 1 D. Physically I can walk quite far albeit I’m slower than I used to be.

I’m on PIP and I got standard care with no mobility. When I sent the forms they scored me differntly to what I was trying to score points on, for example I scored points on parts I said I was fine on. I think they only gave me it because they spoke to my cpn.

I’m happy with my claim, it’s not alot but it makes a big difference.

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I am in the process of having my claim assessed. If what I have put down is taken on board then I should qualify for standard care and mobility. I have a feeling it won’t be though. I have almost resigned myself to not getting it. I doubt I could cope with an appeal.

I’ve heard its not the same as DLA but still you should appeal if you don’t get it. ATOS are bastards.

sorry guys, i know you all have your own claims going on and things and i dont want people to think that their claim isnt good, its just my friend and i are signed up to benefits and work website and there are people on there who have mental health problems and are able to get both enhanced care and mobility.

i scored d then c because i cant go most places without someone there with me and c because i cant walk that far (my legs get sore and i need to sit down) & i get anxiety attacks

i dont need to walk that far when i’m in college and i get plenty of breaks and there is usually always someone there that can help me

the only way you can win is attack before they do i guess, or is it defend idk lol, i just want to try and get as much as i can, i’m going to lay it on thick, over exaggerate to the hilt while being as honest as possible, i’m not lying though.

They should just allow us something for the diagnosis alone. It’s those ATOS bastards and their targets they are trying to meet.

idk if this happened to anyone but i was without benefits for ages after my diagnosis even though i had been diagnosed, i’d have thought that my benefit would be automatic but no :frowning: its ■■■■■■■■ and all it should take is a simple phone call from the psychiatrist.

It took me 3 attempts to get DLA despite having a then diagnosis of schizoaffective. Finally I got help the third time and succeeded. From first claiming to being accepted it was 7 years.
I tied getting help from Citizens advice for PIP and phoned to make an appointment. The bloke answering was really off with me and it turned out there were no appointments available. In the end I got help from someone off a forum.

They should ask the pdocs/mental health team they are the ones who know us best and are best placed to say we need the help.
Atos are scum. Not getting PIP makes a big difference to how much a disabled person has to live on.
In a civilised country disabled people would be given a decent amount to live on without having to rely on pot luck to get PIP.
It is now almost a crime/sin to be disabled.