Most vivid hallucination happened last night

Before I start talking about what happened last night there’s only 2 things to know. I’ve currently been unmedicated for about 8 days (the doctor agreed to it so it’s okay, lol) and for a while now I’ve had 4 different voices, one of them is Ethan. Last night I actually saw Ethan. It must have been what john nash from a beautiful mind felt like because when this was happening I didn’t think anything of it, I thought it was actually happening. So last night I was trying to fall asleep but no success because of my insomnia so I decided to take my earbuds out and just listen to the voices. As I was turning over and over trying to sleep I was having a conversation with Ethan about my sleep problems. He was telling me to fall asleep and I told him (in my head, not out loud) “I can’t just sleep, I have insomnia” and he replies with “excuses excuses”. Next thing I know my eyes are closed and I’m hearing a fast paced dripping water noise. I opened my eyes and saw a black figure sitting literally right next to my bed about two feet away and was, for some reason, sitting in a chair that was supposed to be in my kitchen downstairs. The figure slowly stands up and turns and walks a few feet to my fish tank, which was making the dripping sound, and he starts flipping the switch on it up and down. I knew for a fact I wasn’t dreaming because I sat up and turned my phone back off before turning to him and asked “What are you doing? You’re not supposed to touch the switch” The figure replied “I’m trying to see how it works.” I suddenly realized how familiar that voice sounded and then realized it was Ethan’s voice. I knew my parents were sleeping so I started to get up and whispered “Just let me take care of it.” Then he says what he was saying in my head earlier, “No, just go to sleep already.” It was so weird hearing his voice externally because his voice is always internal, inside my head. I was too tired to think that anything was unusual about what was happening so I laid my head down and went to sleep. It wasn’t until morning when I thought about what happened and I thought to myself “Wait, what? I haven’t had a fish tank since I was like 13 years old.” I wonder if what I experienced is considered a psychotic episode? I don’t know. But it was very interesting actually seeing and hearing a person that wasn’t there, especially a “person” that I’ve had conversations with before in my head. The weirdest part was I didn’t feel any fear at all. It was like talking to a friend in the middle of the night during a sleepover. Very strange experience.

Very interesting to hear. I’ve never had an hallucination, so if you don’t mind could you say more about it? How does it feel? How is it to see things that are not real? How do you measure the reality or unreality of it?

@Darth The only two things that help me know what’s real and what’s not is 1: I’ve been experiencing these things for many years so I know a hallucination when I see or hear one 90% of the time, other times I can’t tell. And 2: medication helps you tell what’s real and what’s not. And for the most part my hallucinations used to be scary but I got used to them.