Most statin problems caused by mysterious 'nocebo effect', study suggests


Makes me think about those like us without our insight into the medication effects.

They don’t believe they’re sick, and think the meds either don’t work, or believe the side effects are worth it. Maybe similar mechanics.

The mind is more powerful than I think we know. I whole heartedly believe in the placebo effect, this is an argument for the other side of the action, I support it.

Good one EH.

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LS! I am taking 75 grams of organic broccoli sprouts daily for years now the sulphoraphane is supposed to help with schizophrenia because more gluthatione is formed in the brain. Also for more than twenty years I take two Brazil nuts for the selenium. But I have read on the internet in a Pubmed publication by the Lancet that statins inhibit the seleno proteins so the gluthatione production is inhibited. Also I have read that the production of vitamin K2 is inhibited. And you need to take additional CoQ10. I asked my GP but he did not answer.

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