Most soccer players are not that fast compared to the NFL players

I don’t know why, but soccer players are not that fast. I keep imagining that if the soccer players were as fast as the NFL players, it would be more interesting.

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Try running non stop for 45 minutes and then rest for 10mins and run another at least 45 minutes. American football includes like running for like 15 seconds and then resting


I believe soccer players run longer distances because of the bigger field. Ofc NFL players run faster because they only run short distances.

Soccer players have better cardio performance like Messi, Ronaldo and Bale. Messi can run the whole field without loosing the ball. I already saw him score a goal after keeping the ball for more than the 3/4 of the field.


Messi’s legendary goal :ok_hand:


I am a big fan of soccer and Messi.
I never miss a match from LaLiga, EuroCup, Champions League and World Cup.
I have the FCBarcelona android app, it tells me about all their matches.

Well there are some fast soccer players. Most of the time in college and yungsters , and high school. I mean super fast.

Most people in the US don’t like soccer. Shoot I don’t really like watching soccer most of the time. I enjoy playing soccer.

Soccer/ football is a game of endurance at the top level. Nfl Players are all about quickness and fast output. Because the game stops and starts it doesn’t really need endurance. It has speed though. Gawd. Some of those wide receivers who run track get to the pros with olympic medals.

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