Most Powerful people in the world?

Are politicians like Trump and Putin the most powerful people in the world?

Or are resoursefull billionaires sitting behind the curtain making the real world order?

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Billionaires are the really powerful people. Politicians are their servants


Trump is both. 1515

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Putin might be too. I don’t know.

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Mothers are the most powerful people in the world.

A Mother’s heart is the child’s school room.


Yes you are right. They are both rich. I guess wealth and political power goes hand in hand in many countries.

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Everything is driven by money. The people who cut deals with politicians to lend support run the country.

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Yeah, it’s like a stranger stepping up to you on the street in a nutshell. Most of the time they want your money in one way or another.

Many a times I have been fooled by strangers starting a conversation thinking they were just trying to be nice and have a conversation for conversations sake. But the punchline always seem to be money, or recruiting me to Jehova or something like that.

It’s weird how the “poor” outnumber the “rich” and we pay them to boss us around. We could take over the world in a day non violently if we teamed up and broke free of our paper(money) shackles. Instead we fight each other in the streets over decisions our government makes, which is decided by the rich. It’s all backwards.

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