Most people say they think nurture is more important than nature, especially white Americans

There was a discussion on Twitter about the belief in nature vs. nurture among the American populace. The General Social Survey actually has some questions related to this. They are the variables: GENENVO1, GENENVO2, GENENVO3 and GENENVO4.'s+total+feed)


That comes with a general philosophy of the individual having power over their destiny. I remember a teacher in high school telling me that this is common Among americans but not necessarily other western nations. Whereas eastern nations like japan tend to put more value on the power of the collective to change the future.


I think heredity is everything. But then again, I’m only half white.

Isn’t it scientifically that it’s more genes than nurture?

One day, if we live long enough, then social will replace the genetics but really we are Darwins children at this evolutionary level.

I thought that was just basic scientific understanding.

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