Most of my psychosis was self-inflicted imo

from drugs

e tablets



solvent abuse

I took them to surpress my issues and it triggered my downfall

but now I mostly have peace of mind

My case is unique

Same here. I took too much adderall. I think this triggered it. But then I start thinking I was a terrorist and the trauma from that triggered it. But at one point I thought terrorists were in my house and that could have been psychotic. Since the chances of being attacked by terrorists are so low. I don’t know.

Aren’t drug induced psychosis recoverable over time?


I had two episodes probably exacerbated by what would be called NoFap these days. Good old Dr Kellogg fluid retention. That will stop you sleeping and send you a bit edgy. I also gave up smoking at the same time. Too much change is stressful and we don’t respond well to stress.

I have inner peace 11 years now, so I am hoping 2 come off meds

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