Most of my hallucinations

Involve gross sex offenders who are in love with themselves, saying disgusting things. They’re much like the people who harass me in real life. Why can’t they find someone like whoever inflated their ego in the first place? Because it wasn’t me and never will be. It takes more than a dumb*ss liar to attract me, and they’ll never have anything I’m looking for.

You know what worked for me to stop the sexual depravity of voices? Monk’s Pepper (Chasteberry.) Try that. Made my life much more bearable. It turns off their (and your) libidos.

That is like 3 months’ worth.

But you’ll need a Citric Acid supplement too, since it depletes that.


I guess I should try it. Do you know if it stops sexual harassment sensations? I really think it’s from a stalker, because they’ve done it in public.

They worked for me. It’s only $14 shipped for 3 months so it’s not much of a gamble. But you need to supplement citric acid otherwise you’ll get arthritic (it depletes that.)

Mix 1/4 tsp with equal parts baking soda in at least half a cup water, add sugar to taste. It’s like soda.

Okay, thanks. I’ll try it.

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