Most of my friends ignores me

I have some friends on Facebook, I talk with one, but he only ignore me, I dont talk too much, I think he is busy. After a 4 min chat he is in hidden mode (that means I will see him offline all the time even when he is online) I thought:" thanks, I was always nice to you, but seems Im not so important for you" we were together in school, he was a antisocial kid, no one talks to him so he came to talk with me, now he is in the university, he have a good job, lots of money. I feel like trash, but is ok, I should not expect much from this kind of people. I really consider you guys of this forum, better than him.


We love you too and we think you are better than those people of world too! :slight_smile: :heart:


That’s how this stuff goes. Don’t try to look for validation or attention from other people. Only people you actually live with or see all the time in real life can you actually rely on.

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He probably just wants to be left alone and isn’t trying to make it personal. The rest of them who ignore you, they aren’t your friends. They should talk to you at least a little while.

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