Most Liked By Someone

It says one of the posters who most liked me was anon74700328 in my profile…

Who was that? I forget.


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Thanks Rhubes. He’s @Azley now isn’t he?


Yep! Can’t stay away :joy_cat:

It’s confusing when people change their names. They should have to fill out a form to have their accounts deleted. :wink:

Sup dawg? -az00010110

OddJob…was brilliant :relaxed:

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I like the one I’m using now. I still use oddjob in other places.

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Whatever …you’ll always be Soitgoes for me :cry: :sparkling_heart:

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people that change their names really confuse me, you think you know someone and then its like they are a different person, note to most people ‘please dont change your name’

i bet someone else will now that i have said that :frowning:

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As you wish sweet mistress

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