Most Distressing Symptom?

I supposedly have a lot of hallucinations. For me they are usually more distracting than distressing. If that makes any sense? The negative symptoms definitely kill my quality of life but I don’t think I’d call them the most distressing for me either. To me it’s the disorganized thoughts and the cognitive symptoms. I hate having to re-read a paragraph several times to process it. I hate having delayed responses. I hate forgetting basic directions. I hate it when people aren’t able to understand what I’m trying to communicate. I hate rambling off topic without realizing I’m doing it. I hate having my mind go completely blank mid sentence. What about you guys? What’re your most distressing symptoms?


For me it’s negatives the way I can just stop caring about everything at any given moment

Paranoia is the worst for me


True, worse thing ever for me are God delusions. They almost killed me. I thought I was God and to prove it I tried killing myself twice. I was close twice. One intentional car accident and one intentional intoxication/overdose. Both landed me in the emergency.

I’m glad you’re still alive man @Aziz

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Thanks @TheCanuk

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I had a similar delusion at one point. I thought I was a deity and that sacrificing myself was the only way to prevent climate change and natural disasters.

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I had another delusion but it was later when I stopped my meds. For me the prepsychosis time and the 1st psychosis were worse than other psychosis. I thought that I will be married to a virgin girl in Heaven and that I should die before marrying her.

I didn’t proceed with suicide in this one unlike the God delusion.

Thank you for sharing. It really helps me feel less isolated in my illness.

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Right now my sza is basically well under control, for the most part I’m safe and free of symptoms except lack of motivation and I don’t really enjoy activities like I used to. Other than that I think I’m doing pretty good. My ocd is killing me though. Got to get that under control, that’s really distressing me.


My most distressing symptom is when Alien the evil spirit in my head tells me to kill my husband and that I’m a murderer, and tries to control me.

Also when I sometimes get panic attacks

I can relate, I have terrible apathy and indifference, I don’t care about anything. I can’t even retain anything I read. I hate having negative symptoms.

Same here. I waste ungodly amounts of time. Also, the social anxiety is terrible.

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Existential fear, disconnect from loved ones, fragmentation of my thinking. Cant chose, none of them is fun.

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For me, my psychosis has gone into remission. However, my most distressing symptom is suicidal thoughts. I have strong suicidal ideation when I am depressed. I heard that it’s common in people who have PD. I’m glad that I upped my dose so that I don’t have to suffer these thoughts 24/7 along with really bad depression.

For me it’s when I start hearing my name being mentioned everywhere, and I don’t know if someone is actually adressing me, or I’m just making it up

I don’t know about you but I have suicidel thoughts and the pdoc put me on lithium Wich help me quite a bit.

The most distressing symptom for me is telepathy or mind reading by far.

I hated word salad

To me I was talking properly, and thought people could understand me, but I was talking gibberish, and no one could understand me at all.

That was my second episode when I got the SZ label.

Scary stuff what can happen to the mind