Most difficult people to live with?

I lived with an OCD woman before and WOW how I’ll never make that mistake again! It’s like she wanted me to be her robot and make everything perfect, despite the fact that I worked full time and went to school full time, and she was unemployed and apparently did nothing other than sit around and think of things to b*tch to me about.

My vote for most difficult people to live with is OCD people!


Sociopathic heroin addicts in the sober house were tough

Why do you say they were sociopaths? Were they constantly trying to cheat you out of money so they could buy more heroin?

They were diagnosed while I was there.

My vote goes to the bipolar folks. Sorry bipolar members of the forum, just my experience. My dad and step-mother were both bipolar and the unpredictable moods and rapid temperament vacillations were hard to handle.


It’s good that you’re honest! I’ve never lived with another bp person so I have no idea how bad it can be!

Someone who has political figure in his family and is a Christian. He is a person with schizophrenia, and I couldn’t help but apparently he doesn’t know whom to worship-- the wealthy political figure or God. He was my only good friend, but I realized that he loves himself more than neighbours, let alone God, for he always smoke cigarettes in front of me.

I vote bipolar too… Sorry, no offense intended really. Just difficult.

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Gotta be bipolar. My sister is bipolar and it’s not even funny. I’m not that bad, I mind my own business and take care of myself. I really shouldn’t be living in my parents house, I just don’t want to take loans out to live on my own. My school tuition is free, but I wouldn’t even want to live on campus, and then living expenses would add up.

Stuff like making noise at 2am and stuff like making ridiculously hard to prepare food and leaving the kitchen in a joke of a mess. Crap like using all of the hot water after signing in the shower. Throwing tantrums like a 13 year old on her period. Being passive aggressive/jealous/hateful and insipid. Manipulating men into her life.

I’m just a nutty researcher who works out a lot and talks to himself in his bedroom every night. I don’t ■■■■ with people.


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Why are bipolars so bad? :stuck_out_tongue:

I could see living with me being annoying as hell! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But I don’t have total insight into how annoying I can be so I need to know why! No matter how bad it hurts! :smiley:

Be careful of of gummy bears! I’ve heard they can be alcoholics! A bad influence on you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Anyone named Herman or Laurie.


People who get angry easily, the kind you’re always feeling like you’re walking on egg shells around. One day they will make me snap, but for now I have my own business to attend to.

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Living with a psychopath would be fun. I would challenge his ass to things and make him lose and get angry.

Until the psychopath slits my throat in my sleep. Then he gets killed by cops for robbing a bank.