anyone heard anything? he seems to have gone silent. did i miss something whilst i was away?

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I hope @mortimermouse is ok too.

I’ve been wondering about @mortimermouse too. I hope he is okay. I hope he didn’t get too fed up with his posts being deleted because they contained swear words. Also, there are some self-righteous people on this board who may have made him feel bad. I hope he didn’t just decide to quit. I find his posts interesting and enlightening.

A father on another forum I visit enrolled his 6 year old in martial arts. Immediately thought of @mortimermouse :mouse:

Maybe he went on vacation to a cabin without WiFi or a cell signal. I hope he comes back too. We need someone with his psychology knowledge. He is an asset.

He was just here 7 hours ago and posted yesterday…

Im here im just listening more and talking less. Im doing fine, I left the powerlifting gym and the people on steroids to workout at the YMCA. I have also been writing a book (fictional sci fi story about schizophrenics in the future) and I am 75 pages in. I’ve been pretty occupied on the weekends with family and friends. All is well though, I actually just started nicotine gum to quit smoking death sticks. I quit powerlifting, I will never touch a barbell again. I achieved what I wanted to and have videos of it so I decided to move on to bodybuilding, a much less risky activity. I have old friends who are bodybuilders who go to the YMCA, they are already showing me some pointers. I’m friends with Alien99 outside of this site and he and I have been in touch, it turns out he has temporal lobe epilepsy and not schizophrenia. He is doing quite well, better than he has felt in years and years. He is on medication for it and is doing very well.

I’ll come by the forums tomorrow morning and speak up


Glad to see you here @mortimermouse. Glad things are going so well for you.

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