Mortality and being alone

I have been officially diagnosed with schizo/bipolar and high blood sugar which is triggering me on the concept of dying and alone no less and I don’t know how to cope with this. What if this happens and what if that happens. I don’t know what to do to cope and it’s making me stress out. I am alone and have no real support. Only from people who think I’m a crazy person and not to be bothered with.

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Everyone has to struggle with the issue of mortality. You are not alone in this. I have long since come to peace with it. It’s something that you can do nothing about, so I think it’s not worth dwelling on.

That being said, I think considering my mortality once in awhile can be a positive thing. It can remind you that you don’t have forever, and motivate you to do those things that are important to you.


well you can talk to us…? I never did well alone…I need someone with me at all times like a wife or gf in the past…have you wanted to be with someone? I met both my wives online…my first is divorced of course. my second saves me from myself. I wish you well.

I have not one friend or family member within 500 miles of me.

So have I, but I don’t think that way. Life isn’t over with those diagnoses. You just need medical treatment for both.

I tried that mortality thinking, and think its depressing :confused:. I am through after 15 years of constantly thinking of dying, it made me insane. I don’t think about it anymore and feel so much better. Thinking about the past makes me depressed, thinking about the future makes me fearful so i try to live in the present moment and do/think what is necessary in the moment.