Mortality. A reassuring reason I am glad I am growing old

I used to believe while psychotic that I didn’t have a body but was a laser on a dvd player in a computer. This was terrifying…my sick mind decided that I would eventually have a body but not until my spaceship landed in Heaven. Anyways…as I grow older, my hair grays, my wrinkles are getting deeper, these things reassure me that I am not trapped in a computer…so I embrace my mortality and glad that there is a natural end to my life one day.


I hope you enjoy your old days.

Do you have a bucket list ?

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not really…would really like to travel to Italy one day…we’ll see.

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Compared to the vastness of the universe we aren’t much more that a laser on a dvd player, but our lives are enormous to ourselves. A person’s life is a universe to that person.


that was profound crimby…thanks.

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Thank you … 15 15 15 16

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