Morning people. Hope you're well

Morning everyone. How’s things going?

Hey mate…why all the aggression? I know your facing some serious challenges but you need to talk to that shrink and come to some sort of compromise. It’s never a life where you get everything you always want but sometimes you might get what you need…ie . Perhaps trying to find some common ground rather than burning your only remaining bridges.

Sorry I changed the title

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I am not being aggressive meaning to be

I’m sorry matey. I know your dealing with some serious problems with your treatment. Just trying to keep the boards clean. Please. Most folk here want to see some good things happen for you. They aren’t trying to undercut you…it’s all about support and you do that for others for sure.

If I can help you let me know. I just shut some things because they are too negative…your are better than that. You really are. Be kind and especially to yourself because your a decent person.

Not anymore. I am not being decent to other people. My behaviour is unacceptable. The threshold for me losing my temper is very thin right now

Yeah hearing that. Still. I have some faith in you because you’ve supported me in the past and done no wrong.

Still. Tomorrow is another day. Be strong. Fight for what you want to have happen in your life but do it with a smile. No one can call you out if your persistent but pleasant. We all have choice in our lives even in our darkest hours. It’s your call but don’t fall away into taking it out on those who are trying to help you. And I know there’s those in that health system of yours who would try to.

So. Be strong and fight for yourself. You are worth it and you can get better outcomes by trying. All’s I’m saying.