Morning or night

Night terrors, when i take 600 Seroquel at night, took me most of a year to realise i should be taking it first thing in the morning! anyone else encountered this.

That’s a lot of Seroquel. How high is the maximum recommended dose?

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I was on 600mg for ages too.

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hey, yeah, it works for me at this dose of Seroquel, but difficulties i found when i changed meds because they advised me to take before bed, now in hindsight, for such a simple quick fix, i should’ve changed as soon as i noticed the difference, but as a trait of schizophrenia, i didn’t realise the answer was so simple… take in the morning instead of night…

after about 6+ years on 30mg of ability (which i took in morning), it stopped giving the same effect, and lost it’s potency for me, so they changed me to 600 Seroquel, but it cost me a lot of trouble them saying to take at night… many nights waking up screaming numerous times.

My wife used to take 400 mg for sleep. She took it at night so it would seem to make sense to take it at night but I suppose you could try switching it around and see if it is better for you.


Aw crap. :astonished: I’m on 15mg abilify now.

hi, i suppose everyone’s different, just thought i’d make people aware, of something that i overlooked when adjusting to my new anti-psychotic,

something so small as time of day. become so important,

I’ve been taking it morning now, night terrors stopped immediately,

Good. I am glad it’s working for you.

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oh don’t worry :slight_smile: everyones different

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There r drugs for tremors you can ask ur doc

Hiya saynow, i had been put on propranolol for shakes 7 years ago, tho they made me violently ill and vomit daily, again took me years to realise it was the tablets causing it, went off them without doctors advice, because i knew it was them making me ill, they agreed after i was off them a few months, because they warn not to go off them, because they affect the heart…

I am on quetepine activia not seroquel I think it’s the same it’s a brilliant anti psychotic for me

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I’m thinking I should ask my pdoc about switching time of day. I take 300mg at night and have nightmares every night. I also take 400mg during the day.

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@alice_Patterson1 It is a general practice here among doctors to prescribe single dose psychiatric medicines at night, so that the somnolence factor is controlled. It is especially true of Seroquel (Quetiapine) which is said to promote somnolence more than any other anti psychotic. So it is better to take seroquel at night time probably 2 to 3 hours earlier than usual time like at 6 or 7 PM to get good sleep. It my not be a wise thing to take quetiapine at day time. By the way the maximum recommended dose to Quetiapine SR tablets is 800 mg a day.

this is a great dilemma for me as well