Morning glare-anyone else?

It can take quite a while after getting up in the morning to cope with the morning glare.It’s very hard to have both eyes fully open whether looking at the laptop screen or not. If I close my right eye then it’s better,but still not perfect.


yea, I don’t see too well for a little bit either.

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Thanks @Leaf… Are you a semi oldie like me or a youngster?

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I’m about to turn 54. I’m old as the hills. I wear glasses with bifocals and get eye strain from too much screen time. I also have the beginnings of cataracts. I don’t know if any of that plays a part.

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I don’t know why but I also couldn’t open my eyes fully in daylight during school hours outside I would have to squint on the track.

Now I have tinting glasses and when I worked part time as a cart pusher I wore clip on sunglasses, it was such a relief and for so cheap. I probably would’ve gotten out more if I felt more comfortable wearing sunglasses. I think the stigma with wanting to look cool with sunglasses on is probably what got me. I don’t want to look cool I just want to see.

Because I bought clip ons I didn’t feel like I was trying to look cool and felt way more comfortable in them.

I’m not a cool person, its not a goal of mine to please people or to be appreciated for my looks.

I’m 29 now

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I’m short-sighted ’ I wore tinted glasses quite a long time ago, but didn’t get on with them. I’m prone to dry eyes, and use eye-drops from time to time.Like you screen time is a factor.

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