More voices seeing things again and worried

I take my meds… I try… so hard to ignore what’s going on in my head and what’s going on around me but I’m not real anymore… they keep threatening me telling me to do awful things…I see the psych nurse tomorrow I’m a bit worried what she will say or do …im worried that I’m going to end up in hospital again after only one week of being out of hospital…I feel madness setting in…

Lost in a world that doesn’t feel real



I’m sorry you are suffering, I also feel unreal sometimes and get these voices suggesting awful things. Don’t worry about the hospital too much, its only there to help, but I doubt you will be placed back there after only one week. Maybe your meds need to be adjusted. Hope you feel better soon!


I would say maybe write down what your having problems with and please let your psych nurse know that your have a hard time concentrating and the voices are getting hard to ignore…

I’d say, you probably don’t have to tell your nurse exactly what the voices are saying. Just that they are getting loud and distracting.

I hope you feel better soon.

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